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Writing & Directing

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(Short Film)


Synopsis: A chain of incidents in a weed delivery boy's day alter the course of his life and those around him.


Writer & Director: Francisco Froes




(Comedy TV Series)

The Office meets Entourage if the guys from Entourage weren't successful yet.


Synopsis: No Actor Parking is a comedy series shot mockumentary style following the lives of a wanna be power agent, his fresh off the boat actor nephew, his foreign jaded client & his scheming assistant as they all try to climb the Hollywood ladder. 

The series shows the Hollywood we haven't seen , the real Hollywood. The struggle to get to the top­, ­the networking, the film shoots, the auditions, the broken promises, the strange characters, the truth of the Hollywood movie industry all in a humorous fashion. It's every man for himself in Tinseltown. And it ain't called Hollyweird for no reason. 

Written & Directed: Francisco Froes, Tiago Felizardo & Tom Albanese.

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